Virus Removal Help

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Virus Removal

I get alot of calls from people who need me to remove a virus from their computer.  A lot of these people have some sort of virus protection installed but somehow a virus got past it. This can happen in several ways. If you are emailed a file that is infected when you click on that file you are willingly (yet unknowingly) installing malicious software onto your computer. Sometimes your virus protection software will flag it as a potential threat but sometimes not. Another thing I see quite often is virus protection software that has expired or has not been updated in a very long time. If the software is not turned on it cannot protect you. If the software is working off of a database of know malicious programs from a year ago its not going to be able to protect you against recently developed threats.




So what do you do when you do get a virus? Sometimes you will need help from someone like myself but virus removal services from many computer repair shops or big box stores like Best Buy or Staples can be as much as $100. At Kanzen Computers Virus Removal starts at $35 however many times it is very easy to use free tools that will remove the virus in just a matter of minutes. Here are a few of my favorite.


Malwarebytes or Malwarebytes Chameleon – –

ADWCleaner –

Norman Anti-malware –