Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Basic Virus Removal

Virus, Spyware, Adware Removal

$35 Flat Rate

Generally we charge $35 to preform our Virus Removal. Please keep in mind that some infections are worse than others and occasionally the normal removal process does not do the job.


Advanced Virus Removal

$50 Flat Rate


There are many forms of Malicious Software on the Internet that can  infect your computer. Malicious software can effect your computer in many ways, some are very obvious, others are not. Either way we can help you both protect and clean your computer from all sorts of malicious software.


Unfortunately many people have been talked into believing that virus’ are easy to get and that once you get one it is very costly to get rid of. Some people are scared to do anything on the Internet because of this. If you have good anti-virus software, do basic web browsing, and make sure to never download an email attachment or other file that your not 100% sure of… your chances of getting a virus are pretty slim. So don’t let the fear of getting a virus scare you away from using the Internet to its full

Computer Tips: Ÿ


Most virus’ come from downloading an email attachment from an unknown sender or from a suspicious email sent from one of your contacts. Email and Facebook accounts regularly get hacked to send “spam” emails to everyone on that accounts contact list. Even if an email is from a friend, if it looks suspicious, don’t download any attachments from it.



Big name Computer Stores and Software Companies will lead you to believe that buying anti-virus software is the only way to protect your computer. Some of the best Anti-Virus programs are free for anyone to download. Please see our links page for our top recommendations.