New PC Setup/Service

New Computer Setup:

Physical  Setup, Junkware Removal, Virus Protection

Rate: $35/Hour


In addition to physically setting up your new computer we offer a service that makes sure your computer is both equipped with the software you need and not bogged down with the “junk” trial software that is pre-installed on most new computers.


Most stores that sell computers also sell services to go your computer set up. Save yourself some money and let us do it for you for half the price. And not only is our computer setup less expensive we also make sure you know exactly what was done to it and why.


Computer Optimizing:

Speed up and Streamline your computer

Rate: $35/Hour


Over time all computers start to slow down. This can be caused by malicious software, registry errors, low disk space, not enough RAM, and other miscellaneous errors. With a little work most of these problems can be removed and your computer can run like new again.


Best Free Program for keeping your computer running smoothly:


Please see our links page for other recommended software.


Remote Assistance

Rate: $15 per Half Hour

Many small computer issues are not important enough to have someone come out to provide assistance. One option for simple issues is to have your computer set up so that our technicians can remotely access your computer. We can then either fix your issue or walk you thru the steps to do it yourself. Because this method of assistance doesn’t involve someone coming to you house this is the most cost effective way to receive help.