Computer Networking

Wired Networking:

Network Design, Setup, Troubleshooting

Rate: $35/Hour


Having a wired network is best when you use only desktop computers that do not move. Your network would consist of your modem, and a wired network router that you could connect your computers, printers, and any other network device.

Like with anything there are advantages and disadvantages to however you set up your network. Wired Networks are in some ways more stable and trouble free and there is less of a chance of someone accessing your network without permission. But having to connect a cord to your device is not always the most convenient thing.


Wireless Networking:

Router Setup, Configuration, Security

Rate: $35/Hour


A wireless network is best when you have one or more laptop computers, Smart-phones, game consoles, or other wireless media devices. A wireless network consists of the Internet modem and a Wireless Router that communicates with the wireless devices hooked up to the network.

Wireless Networks are a little more complicated to set up and must be secure

If your Wireless network is does not reach far enough we offer several options to extend the range of your network.