Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Repair

Rate: $35/Hour

We generally charge $35 per hour for our technicians to diagnose and repair your computer. We offer Computer Repair for any and all brands of computers and any problems whether its hardware or software related.

Depending on the issue your computer can be repaired in your home or it can be picked up or dropped off for it to be fixed at our office.


For Virus and other Software problems please see our Virus Removal and PC Optimizing pages.


Some components that commonly go bad on your computer:

  • Hard Drive
  • Motherboard
  • Power Supply
  • Network Adapter
  • DC Power Jacks
  • LCD Screens


We also offer repair services for other electronics like monitors, flat panel tv’s, routers, and more.


Computer Tips: Ÿ


Keep your Computer clean –

If its a desktop open the case and carefully vacuum out dust that has accumulated. Ÿ

Keep your computer cool –

Especially on laptops make sure all vents and fans have nothing restricting airflow

Always pay attention to sounds, many computer parts have moving parts, when things start to go bad often these components will sound different.


If you think something with your computer is going bad BACK UP ALL IMPORTANT FILES. Its better to be safe than sorry.