Data Recovery

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Data Recovery

Everyone has probably experienced accidentally deleting a picture or a document on their computer and realizing it too late. Fortunately their are lots of ways to recover a file. The best way to avoid this situation is to have your files backed up. If its pictures your dealing with you can set your phone or computer to automatically upload your photos to Google+. If its a document or other file that your working with I personally recommend Dropbox. Drop box will actually save revisions of your files so if you made changes to a document over the coarse of a few days but then realize that you didnt save a copy of the original you can restore it from Dropbox.

But what if you didn’t proactively set up some sort of file backup? Thankfully their is still a pretty good chance of recovering your file as long as your realize your mistake right away and do not do anything that will permanently overwrite the file. This is possible because when you delete a file on your computer the only thing that your doing is telling your computer to forget that that file is still there. The data that made up your file is still on your hard drive until you tell your computer to save new information and that data gets written in over the old data.


Data loss can also happen from

-Physically Broken Storage Device

-Corrupt Data

-Lost Passwords

If you have lost any sort of data on your computer we can try to recover it for you and we will only charge if the data your looking for is recovered.