Technology Consulting

“Work Smarter! Not Harder!”


No Charge For Initial Consultation

Rate Based on Recommendation


Small businesses today have available to them and endless supply of tools that can improve the success of the business. Just  a few years ago only large corporations had the resources needed to have a “High-Tech” company. Now anyone with any budget can. It just takes the knowledge of which tools are available and desire to use them to optimize your business. Our Technology Consulting is designed to educate small business owners on the practical use of technology in their business. We will help you pinpoint which aspects of your business could be improved upon and find the best tools to achieve the results your looking for. If possible we will work with you to figure out the exact amount of time and or money that will be saved or gained by incorporating our recommendations so you can calculate what your willing to invest into the solution.

During the Free initial consultation we will talk about the aspects of your business technology can be used to improve upon. No doubt you are already using technology to some extent and its possible we can show you how to stream line your current day to day operations.

After the initial consultation we will present to you a number of recommendations that will go beyond just streamlining what your already doing. We will show you some of the “latest and greatest” tools available to you. Our recommendations may include updated equipment/software, mobile devices, or various online services. Some of our recommendations may involve free or very low cost options, other times we may recommend making an investment that will save money down the road.